Roster Integration Updates for Your State Association

We have launched updates around our team & roster sync, following last month’s improvement around the integration of player and volunteer data between your DICK’S Team Sports HQ and your State Association, powered by Affinity Sports.


Spring 2019 Roster Integration Updates

Some enhancements have been made around roster integration. These apply when teams are built and submitted from within your DICK’S Team Sports HQ website, and synced to your State’s Affinity Sports database. Improvements include:


Database Checking

Rosters submitted from your program to the State Association database are checked regularly to ensure both systems reflect accurate information.


Improved Roster Management and Alerts

You are now notified when changes are made to a roster in the State Association database and you can choose to manually update the roster in your Team Sports HQ platform. This provides greater flexibility in managing player communication and roster management especially when players are dual rostered, club passing, or requesting a release and transfer.


In addition, this resolves mismatched players or team personnel being removed from your rosters automatically from Team Sports HQ. You decide if you wish to make these changes manually or if the roster will remain unchanged in your program.


Ben Wineski