Updates to Your State Association Integration

Does your soccer club fall into any of the following categories?

  • Offer both recreational and competitive programs
  • Offer competitive program2 with multiple levels of play
  • Host in-person picture days and/or in-person birth certificate verification days

We have launched some new features and enhancements to improve the integration of player and volunteer data between your DICK’S Team Sports HQ service and your State Association database, powered by Affinity Sports.


State-required birth certificates and photo uploads are now only required for specific play levels. For example, if your state only requires player photo uploads for competitive programs, the system will not require them for recreational programs too.

Play levels can now be configured at the division-level for your competitive (try-out) programs. For example, if you typically create 1 competitive try-out program with multiple divisions that are related to multiple play levels, you can now configure each of those divisions individually to tie to separate competitive play levels from your State Association.

State-required birth certificates and photo uploads are no longer required to be collected during your online registration. For example, if you typically host professional picture days and want to upload the pictures into your State Association during a manual process instead of collecting them during online registration, feel free to continue that process. ***Please Note: You will not be able to activate teams in Affinity without eventually uploading any required photos and birth certificates.***

Account holders will also be able to log back into their account to upload a photo or birth certificate after they place a registration on your site – but if these players and volunteers have already been placed on a submitted team, you’ll need to then re-allocate them to the team in order for their photos and birth certificates to successfully transfer over to Affinity.


**Additionally, you’ll notice some new on-screen help text explaining that you are able to edit the names of the divisions that come over through the integration with your State Association. You can also remove divisions that you do not offer and/or copy divisions when necessary.


What’s next?

Coming February 2019, we will be making some highly-requested updates to the process for submitting your spring teams to your State Association. More information to come, so stay tuned!