Payment Plans, The Report Wizard, and The Wait List Feature!

Spring is our favorite season at Blue Sombrero, and not just because of the warmer weather, but because it’s enhancement season! Check out our most recent enhancements that we think are pretty radical!

  • Select how to apply fees and discounts to payment plans when editing an order: We let you pick and choose! You can now select how to apply fees and discounts to payment plan installments when you are editing an order. Your options include:Apply Fee/Discount on the Next Installment – When you select this option, the fee/discount will be applied to the very next installment in the payment plan.Apply Fee/Discount on the Last Installment – When you select this option, the fee/discount will be applied to the very last installment in the payment plan.Divide Fee/Discount Evenly Among Remaining Installments – When you select this option, the fee/discount will be evenly divided among any remaining installments in the payment plan.1


Quick Tip: Need to collect a player’s dues or a late fee quickly? Apply a fee on the next installment! Want to apply a scholarship to a player’s entire balance? Divide this scholarship discount evenly across the remaining installments. View support steps here.

  • “Recent Team” column added to the Report Wizard: You can now add the “Recent Team” column to any reports that contain participant information in the Report Wizard. This new column will be found under the “Players” title after you click “Click here to add new column” in the Report Fields section.














Quick Tip:
Reports that contain participant info include:

• The Enrollment Details Report
• The Participant Report
• The Wait List Report
• The Team Directory Detail Report
• The Line Item Order Report
• The Open Orders Line Item Report
• The Payment Plan Line Item Report

of these reports will contain the “Recent Team” column.

  • “Remove Participants” function on the Wait List screen: Say “so long!” to activating and cancelling, friends. Admins now have the ability to remove participants from the wait list if they no longer want the player(s) on the list.



Quick Tip: Once you remove a participant from the wait list, you will have the option to send the player’s account a custom email confirmation. The wait list order will then be cancelled and a new order will be generated on the Manage Orders screen. View support steps here.

Your feedback is very important to us. Many of our feature releases and enhancements come directly from your input, so please, keep ‘em coming!

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our Support Ninjas or check out our handy dandy Support Site if you have any questions on today’s enhancements.

Patrick Carver