New Colors Available on Select Themes


Looking to give your website a fresh paint job with virtually zero effort? We have the perfect solution! New colors are now available in our collection of free youth sports website themes.

We’re pleased to announce that we now offer yellow, orange, and purple options across a number of our most popular themes (in addition to our existing color selection). You’re sure to find a great look for your club or league. We released a new colors options for Atlas, Proteus, Achilles, and Chronos on the eve of 2016. They were such a big hit that we went ahead and made them available on all of our most popular themes! Now, you can choose a yellow, orange, or purple color scheme for these themes as well: Athena, Apollo, Ares, Demeter Dark, Demeter Light, Eos, and Orpheus.

You can view preview each new design by logging into your site as Admin and navigating to the Themes section, or by visiting the Websites page.

Athena sports website theme   Ares sports website template   Demeter sports website template   Demeter sports website template   Apollo sports website theme

Eos sports website free   free sports website

Already have your website full of content? Not to worry, all of your content is transferred to the new theme automatically after making your selection!

New to Blue Sombrero? Take a peek at this video to start building out your site.

How to Implement
1.  Log in to your Blue Sombrero site as an Admin, and then navigate to ‘Website’ at the top.
2.  Click on the ‘Home’ page in the website navigation bar.
3.  Go to the ‘Settings’ bar and click on ‘Themes.’
4.  Find the new theme and color of your choice.
5.  Click the select button in the upper left corner of the image.
6.  Click ‘OK’ on the confirmation message and you’re all set!

Patrick Carver