Keys To A Great Youth Sports Website

The start of a new year is a great time to work on projects such as the club website. Many people take advantage of this break in activity to work on updating and improving their website content and overall appeal. It is a great way to start off a new year! Here are some tips and references that you may want to keep in mind as you approach this:


  • First Impressions: We all will agree that first impressions are important. Your website, specifically the Homepage, is where parents and visitors get their first impressions of the club. Ask yourself if what is on the homepage is inviting. Does it make you want to stay on the site and read more, or do you get distracted or frustrated with trying to find information?


  • Organize Your Content: I know there may be a lot going on at the club that members need to know. Remember, simplicity goes a long way! Try to prioritize what you throw onto the homepage, and what can be easily accessed from toolbars. If you have succeeded at the previous point, visitors will dive deeper into your site. Make your navigation bars clearly titled and relevant. Important content such as Registration, Programs, Fields, etc, should be labeled and supply additional details.


  • Professional Can Still Equal Fun: Many people think that to portray a fun, easy going website, you must have all sorts of fonts and colors coupled with silly graphics. Not true! It is important to stick to a uniform style setting across your website in terms of font and colors. The site will be more consistent and professional. You can still be interactive and fun by including pictures and videos, embedding social media widgets, and keeping content fresh and relevant!

Blue Sombrero recently launched a new set of website services that make it so easy to accomplish these goals! Our new Professional Themes are easy to update and present modern designs and layouts. They are built around allowing non technical users to display relevant, appealing content as easily as possible. No web experience is required to make your website the best on the block!
If you are interested in these services, or have any general questions about Website Management, contact your Account Manager or visit our 24/7 Support Site.

Patrick Carver