New Registration Fees & Tools for Admins

We could never forget about you, admins! You’re our pride and joy!

Along with new parent tools, tomorrow (APRIL 28th) we will be releasing some super sweet feature updates for you throughout the system. These will make things easier for you in season and throughout the year. Some screens have a new look to accommodate all the upgrades. We encourage you to browse our blog and look through the system next time you log on.

New Cool Things:

  • New Non-Volunteer Fees: That’s right! You can now implement a volunteer buyout at the program or account level. These fees will not take into account past volunteer roles. Find out more here.
  • Enhanced Custom Fees/Discounts: These fees can now be added per player or per account. Just head on over to step 3 of the registration wizard or site settings (depending on where you want to ask the question) to configure it.
  • New Family Max: You can now set a limit to the total order cost for an account within a period of time set by…you, the admin! Learn more here.
  • Account Notes: Drop a note on an account for other administrators to view. Your users won’t be able to see these private notes. Check out the new feature here.
  • Secondary Account Holders: Your users can now invite an additional user to their account as a volunteer. They’ll be considered a secondary account holder and will be able to set up their own username and password to log in and view their team page and events on their own. Find out more info here.
  • Account/Volunteer & Participant Pictures: Users can now easily upload their 2X2 player and/or volunteer pictures during the registration process. Learn more here.
  • Participant Birth certificates*: Your users can now upload their participant’s birth certificate during the registration process or by editing your participant’s info after the account has been created. *You will need to enable this feature in site settings for them to use it.
  • Predefined Questions Carry Over: Your users won’t be on your case about long registration forms anymore! Any answers to predefined questions will carry over from season to season. Users of course will have the opportunity to edit the answers to these questions.


 Hover over the screenshot to have the highlighted features explained in more detail 


MY ACCOUNT of a user:


If you have any questions while using the new tools, please reach out to our marvelous Support Ninjas.

They’re available by email at [email protected] or by phone 866-258-3303 from 8AM – 6PM EST, Monday – Friday.

Any newbies in the building? This video will clear up how to create your homepage! Welcome to the team!



Patrick Carver