Team Wizard Updates: Multi-Select, Shuffle, & Filter

Whether you’re a Team Wizard master or novice, we know you don’t want to waste time creating your teams.

New updates to our Team Wizard include a number of new features that will help you quickly create, edit, and effectively manage your teams without wasting any time!

You can now multi-select volunteers and players on Steps 2 and 3 of the wizard.

team wizards updates


All columns in the team wizard now feature enhanced custom filter and shuffle tools.

The shuffle feature will allow admins to shuffle data in any column during team creation. This will be helpful if you want to shuffle by Player Evaluation Rating and then add the first 12 (or so) players to a team – preventing you from creating one team that is STACKED and another team that is not so stacked…

team wizard updates 2

You can also add a team name without going through the entire Team Wizard.

team wizard updates 3

What are you waiting for? Log in to your site and check out these sweet updates!

As always, please feel free to reach out to one of our friendly Support Ninjas with any questions:

Patrick Carver