Sports Team Pages Enhancements

We’re proud to roll out some brand new enhancements to our sports team pages!

Team Schedules
The Schedules/Results tab will only appear if schedules are posted. Previously, the tab appeared even for teams with no posted schedules, which caused viewers to see a blank tab. As a result, we updated our team page feature so that the Schedules/Results tab will only appear once a schedule has been created and posted for a particular group within the Scheduler feature.

sports team pages 1

Player and Volunteer Profile Photos
Profile photos only need to be added once. You may still choose to update your photo each season, but your player and volunteer photos will now carry over from team to team.

sports team pages 2

Google Maps
Include an address for your field locations within the Scheduler and the system will link it to Google Maps under the Schedules/Results tab for each team page!

sports team pages 3

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to check out our support site or reach out to one of our Customer Support Representatives.

Patrick Carver