Sports Team Building Wizard

Our 3rd wizard (sports team building) is tall, dark and handsome! The neatest features are our new views! You can flip-flop the allocated and unallocated sections to fit your viewing preference. Check out the images below to learn more.

Step 1: Add Team Information (view support steps)

Enter the Team Name and any additional details for the team!

Step 2: Allocate Volunteers (view support steps)

Easily allocate volunteers by viewing information collected during registration, including their associated player. Heads up! We’ve included new ways to view allocated and unallocated volunteers. Flippidy-floppidy, whackidy-stackidy! Check it out:

Step 3: Allocate Players (view support steps)

Easily allocate players by viewing information collected during registration. At the top of the screen, you can view which volunteers have already been added to the team – so that you can build even faster! We’ve also included a side by side (flippidy-floppidy) view and stacked (whackidy-stackidy) view here. Check it out:

Building teams is a magical thing, y’all!

Patrick Carver