How to Maximize Fan Wear Sales

Give back to your league.
Start maximizing your Fan Wear sales.


A trend we’ve noticed is that high performing Fan Wear stores all have one thing in common:

The league has done a great job creating awareness about their store.

As a result, these organizations are given the chance to put money back towards new gear for players, buy field equipment, and contribute financially to other important projects.

How? Because every organization gets a contribution back, based on their Fan Wear sales.

Check out this list of strategies that are proven to be successful in promoting and increasing Fan Wear sales:

Use your Website as a Billboard

One of the easiest ways to create awareness is to put images of your custom Fan Wear items in your image rotator, located on your homepage. The rotator is prime real estate for whatever you choose to highlight, since it is seen by every visitor on your website.

You should also link this image to your store to make it a seamless click-to-shop experience for parents. The great part about this is both your website and online Fan Wear shop are working for you 24/7/365, so your fans can see this at any time.

Share on Social Media

One essential way to promote your store is through social media. We suggest signing in and sharing through your league page as well as your personal account, so no one is left out. Don’t have league accounts? We’ll be covering it soon in our Think Like a Marketer series.

You can easily include a direct link to the store and add images of your custom branded Fan Wear items to grab attention if you leverage multiple channels of communications, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This is your best chance to entice others to share your Fan Wear store too and do some of the marketing heavy lifting for you!

Show and Tell

Have any meeting, games, or events coming up? This would be a perfect time to share the word about your Fan Wear Store. Sporting your apparel on the field, or off the field, makes quite an impression—it provides an opportunity for parents and players to see and get a feel for your organization’s branded gear first-hand.

Something to Hold

Printing and passing out informational flyers at your next event would help bring a visual image directly to your parents’ hands. Remember to include your website’s URL on the flyers to make it easy for for them to find the store.

These don’t have to be elaborate. A simple image of some gear from the store with your website address is plenty. You can also do this throughout the year when you add new designs, celebrate specific holidays,  or new apparel becomes available.

Targeted Emails

Using our bulk email tool, you can select a targeted group of your members who are in-season, or preparing for the new season, and let them know about your organization’s Fan Wear store.

Patience and persistence is key when it comes to building your organization’s reputation and maximizing your Fan Wear sales. Don’t get frustrated if you try one strategy and the results aren’t great. Hang in there! It takes about three selling touch points before you start making an impact on someone’s buying decisions.

We want your club to be successful with Fan Wear sales and will do whatever we can to help. We’re also always on the lookout for great ideas from our users, so don’t hesitate to give us a shout at [email protected]!

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