January Support Playbook


 January Support Playbook Edition


If you have not seen our past Support Playbook editions, we highly recommend taking a few minutes at the end of each month to browse these emails. They contain a recap of the month’s product enhancements, administrator tips & tricks, frequently asked support topics, and more.

2018 began with a redesign of our monthly Support Playbook. Clearly defined section headers help identify a rotating array of topics including feature releases, tips & tricks, feature highlights, and much more.

The new year kicked off with a highly requested update to our family discount application, a recap of a busy 2017, more accessible National Governing Body partner support, and a refresher on refunding payments.

Admins will also be notified of these product updates via an in-app message every time a release is pushed. If you ever want to look back at past messages, you can click the green icon in the bottom right corner of your Team Sports HQ website, once you are logged in.

Ben Wineski