Exciting news for our 2018!

The DICK’S Team Sports HQ team had a great run in 2017, and there is more to come in 2018!

Our team kicked off 2018 at the annual United Soccer Coaches Convention, the world’s largest annual gathering of soccer coaches and administrators. It was a great chance to visit with current partners and meet new
DICK'S TEAM SPORTS HQorganizations. The Convention was held January 18-21 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This year’s was a great success, having the highest amount of attendees, around 13,300.

Didn’t attend? There’s always next year! If your organization is able to make it to next year’s convention in the Windy City (Chicago, IL), there is a huge upside to attending. The Convention provides over 250 educational opportunities, as well as the chance to meet vendors, learn more about how to seamlessly manage your organization, and discover many other valuable technologies.

So, what else happened?

The Team Sports HQ team also traveled down to New Orleans as Little League® Baseball & Softball held their International Congress, January 18-23, which takes place every four years. The congressional gathering gives a chance for field leaders, volunteers, and liaisons, alike, to travel from around the globe to represent their districts at this unique meeting.

What’s next?
DICK’S Team Sports HQ will be back on the road soon, appearing at conventions across the country to educate youth sports organizations about the development of our technology, partnerships, and integrations.

Keep an eye out for more blogs to come with our team’s updates and pro-tips!