April 2018 Customer Focused Enhancements


Every month we strive to reach a goal of pushing new customer-facing enhancements to better our user experience. Here’s a quick update on the exciting things the Blue Sombrero team has been working on!

What’s new?

Site Wide Events!

Our Admins have been huge proponents of our team adding Site Wide Events.

Site Wide events are applicable to all members of an Admin’s organization. They do not conflict with pre-existing scheduled events. These events can be used for club-wide events, such as picture days, board meetings, or league outings.


Check out this support guide to see how you can create your next Site Wide event.

New Participant Reports

When it comes to being an Admin, seeing users’ and participants’ details is important; which is why our development team has been working on adding new types of “User Details” reports.

1. Inactive Participants Reports

Allows Admins to see which participants are considered “Inactive,” including any information about them. “Inactive” includes users not registered on a wait list, do not have an order in their shopping cart, and are not registered in a current program.

2. Returning Participants Reports

Admins can now easily compare participants between two different programs. This report can assist in cross-checking which participants are registered for a program and which are not.

How does this make your life easier?

With the Inactive Participants Report, if a program has players on a wait list, admins may need to contact them. All you have to do is pull a quick Inactive Participants’ report to be able to see how many participants exist, who they are, and their contact information.

When it comes to the Returning Participants Report, any Admin can cross-reference who is a new participant and who is returning from last season. *Hint, this could be helpful for decision-making purposes for a Board Member as well.

and last but not least…

Homepage Announcement Banner

Something a little more exciting, while making Admins’ lives easier: Announcement Banners.


Admins can now make live updates for users to see on the site (see above). All announcements will be at the top of the page and equipped with a selection of icons to accompany any type of message. Read this awesome support guide to learn how you can post your next announcement.

When our customers want something, we listen. Our team wants to hear from you, so we can help provide the best user experience in the industry. If you ever have an idea on where we could improve, you can always submit an enhancement request. We appreciate all feedback!