Affinity Integration Phase 2 For Soccer is Now Available


Blue Sombrero’s integration with Affinity is taking a big step forward.

US Youth Soccer State associations who use the Affinity Sports platform require certain player and team personnel data from their members. For local clubs using the Team Sports HQ registration platform, life just got a whole lot easier!

To make registration management more streamlined for our administrators, all mandated questions from State associations will be automatically included and required within our registration forms for players and team personnel.

Including these required questions will allow our administrators to later submit their teams to their State system online. No spreadsheets, no file uploads, no manual entry!

How is this integration set up?

State soccer integration all begins at Step 1 of Registration Setup. After naming your registration program and selecting the activity type (soccer), admins will be asked to assign an Affiliation to their program. It is critical that the correct affiliation selection is made.
After the affiliation is selected, a series of additional drop-down boxes will appear in order to identify your association with the correct State association details. If these fields are not completed properly, then data will not be able to be synced accurately.



What is mandated by my State association?

This is dependent, of course, on your club’s State Association requirements. Here is a list of questions we anticipate to be required by your State association for players.

  1. Participant Photo Upload
  2. Birth Certificate Upload
  3. Drop-down/Radio/Text State custom questions
  4. Electronic Legal Agreements
  5. Custom Player & Team Personnel Compliance Questions

Here’s a sneak peek of Step 2 of Registration Set Up:

How will this affect the registration process?
Here’s a peek of what’s in store you for members:

youth sports registration

Players may be required to upload a copy of their birth certificate, submit a photo, sign an electronic legal agreement (ELA), and any additional certifications, alongside your normal registration form.

For team personnel, if your State has required questions, an administrator will see a new section within editing the team personnel role titled Program Questions Required by your Governing Body:

youth sports registration

Here is a list of additional questions that can be required for team personnel registration:

  1. Team Personnel Photo Upload
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Driver’s License
  4. Drop-down/Radio/Text NGB custom questions
  5. Electronic Legal Agreements
  6. Birth Certificate
  7. Additional Certifications


Here is an example of how these new upload questions will appear to the registrant:

youth sports registration

How will this data be submitted?

Player and Team Personnel data will be submitted to your State association after your rosters are completely built. From the ‘Teams’ tab, admins will create rosters by adding players and personnel to each team. Next to each team will be a ‘Submit Team’ button. Once rosters are finalized, clicking this button will submit all player and volunteer data to your State, including all of the above details.

Once submitted, this button will change to a ‘Team Status’ button, which will display the approval status of the roster by your State.

To recap, the data submission process looks like:

  1. Set up registration Affiliation details on Step 1 of your registration forms
  2. Build rosters from the ‘Teams’ tab
  3. Once rosters are finalized, click ‘Submit Team’ next to each team
  4. Check the submission status of each team from the ‘Team Status’ button

youth sports registration

Where can I report on this data?

All data collected from players, parents, and team personnel can be accessed from the Reports tab at any time. With the direct integration, there is no need to export data since this will be sent directly to your state association once teams are submitted.

If admins want to pull their own reports during the season, they can easily access this information in real time. For example, you are able to pull the information on whether users signed the required electronic legal agreements and any other required waivers.

When customizing a report, these fields can be found in the ‘Custom Questions’ section.

youth sports registration

Our users drive our platform. We’re always striving to enhance our platform to better the experience. We’re excited for how far we have come and all of the enhancements we have in the works. If you ever have a recommendation, feel free to submit your suggestion.