Team Communication: Easy as 1-2-3!

Ensuring information is sent in a timely manner and to the right audience is crucial, when it comes to a successful youth sports program.  Worrying whether or not a parent has received much needed information or last minute player changes, are challenges that many youth sports organizations face. At times organizations rely on information being passed from coaches to respective parents and or players by word of mouth.
GREAT NEWS! You no longer have to spend additional time wondering if a message was received by your parents. Blue Sombrero offers a super easy way to handle communication within your club through the Team Dashboard feature!

This tool allows the coach to log on using their username and password, view their team’s roster and/or schedule and send emails to parents at any given time.

Emails sent from the Team Dashboard can go to a specific email address, to an entire group or to any email that exists on the account.



Patrick Carver