Registration Listing Module

This new module will gives more options in displaying programs and division. When added, parents will see the programs available for registration before logging into the site.

This is particularly useful for multi-sport clubs. You can share which programs are available to a certain sport or even location.

Once the module has been added, you can manage which programs you would like to be visible.

registration listing module 1

You can choose to display the entire program, or only certain divisions.

registration listing module 2

When you go back to the Registration Listing, you will see all the programs and divisions you have selected for that page. Information about the division such as, open and close dates, price and age range will be displayed as well.

registration listing module 3

That’s all for now! If you have any other questions about this module, contact a Customer Account Manager or check out our 24/7 Support Site for more details!

Patrick Carver