Payment Adjustment Memo

How many times has this happened?  A parent calls and says they sent a check last month for their child’s entire $100 registration but your site indicates that you have only received $50.  What do you do? Add a payment adjustment memo!

For a lot of clubs there are several people working behind the scenes making everything run.  In other cases there are one or two individuals burning the midnight oil to get things done.  Whatever the situation it is impossible to remember everything you have done.
As a common practice, Blue Sombrero strongly recommends you leave a note whenever you make adjustment or receive a check.  A memo box will automatically appear whenever you make a payment adjustment or receive a payment.  Simply, fill out the box with the payment/adjustment amount, date, check number and initials of the person making the adjustment and select Update.

That is it.

It is a simple task but can save you lots of time down the road!

If you still have questions, please visit our 24/7 Support site or call your dedicated account manager.

Patrick Carver