Blue Sombrero Introduces Automatic Recurring Billing

With many parents taking advantage of payment plans, it can be especially frustrating keeping up with and managing those accounts who are paying in installments. How many times have you had to remind certain accounts to pay their next installment? This wastes time that could be spent on other important registration tasks.

That’s why today we’re introducing Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB) in payment plans. With our new ARB feature, we make sure you do not have to keep up with those parents who are enrolled in payment plans.

At Checkout, parents agree to have their credit cards billed based upon the payment plan(s) dates and prices you set up. No more tracking down accounts who need to pay their next installment!
We’ve also made it easier for you to manage installments. You can edit the credit card used for recurring payments or even change the billing address by using the “Edit”  button. You can also cancel the subscription altogether, by pressing the “Cancel” button.

Toggle between those still making manual payments (Manage Manual Subscriptions) and those who are currently enrolled in ARB (Manage ARB Subscriptions).

Our job is to make your lives easier–and Automatic Recurring Billing should decrease your workload as the Administrator. If you have any questions regarding ARB, please feel free to contact one of our Customer Account Representatives or visit our 24/7 Support Site.

Patrick Carver