Introducing the New DICK’S Team Sports HQ App [Version 2.0] for iOS and Android!

DICK’S Team Sports HQ is excited to introduce version 2.0 of our app for both iOS and Android!

Check out our sleek design bundled with new notifications and alerts as well as the ability to message multiple team members at once.

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Notifications & Alerts

We know how important it is to never miss or be late for your kids’ games and practices. Now you’ll have the ability to receive and track instant alerts whenever something important happens or when you just need a friendly reminder. These alerts will pop up on your phone and when you tap them, you will be taken right to where you need to be inside the app. These include:

  • Event reminders and updates
  • Discussions and comments
  • Task reminders and updates
  • Schedule and roster postings

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All these notifications will be stored in a notifications feed, similar to popular social media outlets. You’ll be able to hide any notifications that are no longer relevant to you.

Group Messaging

Need to send a quick message to multiple members of your team? Maybe just other volunteers? We got you covered. With this new feature, you can pick and choose one or multiple members on your child’s team to quickly message.

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Head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to grab the free update!

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If you are just starting out with the app, get up to speed quickly with this overview and our list of help guides.

For your parents and users of the app with questions, you can direct them to [email protected] Otherwise, feel free to contact our friendly support team at [email protected] or 866-258-3303.

Patrick Carver