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Monday 13 Feb 2012

New Jersey Website Frenzy!

Posted by Ben Wineski on 17:53

New Jersey soccer will find themselves with two great, new websites for the 2012 seasons. Hainesport Soccer and Burlington County Soccer Academy will be receiving new websites, compliments of Blue Sombrero.

“I am so excited for these great organizations moving forward! The administration, players, and parents will all love the new sites when they launch. It is such a great way to kick off the new year of soccer and I am sure other local clubs will soon follow.” Ben Wineski, Regional Sales Manager

About Hainesport Soccer
Hainesport Soccer Club is a long time existing partner of Blue Sombrero’s. Based out of Hainesport, New Jersey, they have been benefiting from SombreroREG™ for going on four years. HSC’s overall goal is to provide every player the opportunity to develop a solid foundation of soccer skills while playing in a fun and supportive environment. They will be working with Blue Sombrero’s team to design a Custom Website to be launched in the spring. Learn more about the club at their website.


About Burlington Co. Soccer Academy
Burlington County Soccer Academy is also an existing partner of Blue Sombrero’s. Based in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, they have been operating with SombreroREG™ for their third year and have decided that merging their website and registrations would be a great kickoff for 2012. Burlington Soccer will be launching their website shortly and has opted for our newest web package in our Silver Themes! Continue to learn about them by visiting their current website.



About Blue Sombrero
Blue Sombrero is the Leading Provider for Online Registration and Web Design for Youth Soccer. With SombreroREG™ and SombreroWEB™, Blue Sombrero provides Online Registration and Club Management services to hundreds of clubs across more than 45 states.


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