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Meet Our Team


CEO & Founder
866.981.2583 ext. 202

I'm a huge Barca fan and have recently been dethroned as the office Foosball champion. I founded Blue Sombrero in 2002 after a short but travelled pro soccer career (Israel, Poland, Switzerland, Italy and Atlanta). I love to woodwork, and am lucky to learn from “Pop,” my grandfather, whose favorite saying is “Do as I say, not as I do.”


Vice President of Operations
866.981.2583 ext. 203

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, you won’t find a bigger Atlanta Braves fan than me.  I’m the current O.F.C. (Office Foosball Champion)…something I gloat about daily.  My career at Blue Sombrero started back near the beginning, in 2004, as the second employee hired by the company.  I got married in September of 2009 in Madison, Wisconsin, to a Cheesehead named Jenny.


Vice President of Sales
866.981.2583 ext. 211

I am from Atlanta, but went to college in Texas and lived there throughout my twenties. I love watching Arsenal matches with my three-year-old, even though he always ends up asking me why the TV makes me so sad. I am commissioner of our office ping pong league, and play both the guitar and drums very poorly.


National Sales Manager
866.981.2583 ext. 205

I have the distinct honor of being the 1st Blue Sombrero Employee hired in 2003.  Played college tennis at Furman University and then coached youth players for five years. Most of my time outside of work is spent with my wife and two little children, as well playing tennis and golf.


Marketing Manager
866.981.2583 ext. 274

I am responsible for online marketing and social media, which is great because I am addicted to Facebook and Pinterest. I have lived in Georgia since 2009, and am still playing the “I am new to Atlanta” card every time I get lost. My two dogs are my furry kids and my husband is pretty rad too.


Office Assistant

Born and raised in Atlanta, graduate of the fabulous University of Georgia, and a CrossFit enthusiast, I love working and living in my hometown. On the weekends you can find me consuming embarrassing amounts of Mexican food, hanging out with my friends, visiting my boyfriend in North Carolina, and spending far too much time playing Diablo 3.


Product Manager

I’m an Atlanta-raised, born again tech geek and the only 3-Time BSB/Nacional Soccer employee. After college soccer at Furman, followed by more school at GSU and ESC Toulouse, I’ve found myself back in Atlanta with my girlfriend, dog and a Sombrero on my head. Most importantly, I’m the reigning office push-up champion.


Staff Accountant

I graduated from Kansas State University and absolutely love love my school and wearing purple!! I love traveling and trying new things, volunteering, concerts, shopping and being crafty.



Regional Sales Manager
866.981.2583 ext. 232

Before joining the BSB team, I was a YMCA Youth Sports Director that desperately needed the services we provide.  Once a more vigorous sportsman, I’m now a mere jogger, ping-ponger, foosballer and occasional Falcons-watcher. Since marrying the Velveteen Baker in 2011, I’ve become more domesticated, gaining new skills in cooking, furniture restoring, and DIY projects.

Brandon Duncan


Regional Sales Manager
866.981.2583 ext. 213

Born and raised here in Georgia where I played all sports growing up. Recent grad of Kennesaw State University where I watched the owls dominate all sports! Also I am pretty awesome at Foosball, which can be confirmed by Mr. Ben Wineski at ext. 216. Some of my favorite things are ACDC, working out, and skydiving.

Frannie Fabian


Regional Sales Manager
866.981.2583 ext. 233

My freshman year at UGA, I convinced a few poor souls that I was a foreign exchange student. Sometimes I still do things like this. I like to throw people for a loop. It’s very hard to track all of my identities, so I try to stick with one contrived story that I've perfected. Many people regard me as royalty.

Eric Williamson


Regional Sales Manager
866.981.2583 ext. 212

Foosballer. Cornholer. Ping Ponger. I may not be the best at these sports, but somebody’s got to be the underdog! I am also actively involved with my local soccer club, my neighborhood HOA, and my church. I’m a runner, a guitar player, and a dog lover. I’m from Florida and growing up I played soccer at Florida Soccer Alliance, now a BSB partner.

Ben Wineski


Regional Sales Manager
866.981.2583 ext. 216

I am from Atlanta, GA and am a graduate of the University of Georgia. I worship the SEC. Some of my greatest strengths include ping pong, eating too many Skittles, and beating Georgia Tech in everything.  If you live in a dream world or the Matrix, call Brandon Duncan at ext. 213.


Kelsey Clark


Account Manager
866.981.2583 ext. 208

I’m a suburbs girl, raised in a town where golf carts are a main form of transportation! I’m also a black belt in karate and the quietest person on the BSB Support Team. Some say I’m addicted to sushi, but it’s just my favorite food. I love Jittery Joe’s coffee, running at the gym, and the Back to the Future trilogy.

Brock Cline


Account Manager
866.981.2583 ext. 214

I like long walks on the beach, black coffee, and stirring romances.  My wife says that I am a giant toddler.   If I had to describe myself using only one internet meme, it would have to be “Forever Alone.”  I also have a bit of an infatuation with Bear Grylls.

Drew Howell


Account Manager
866.981.2583 ext. 215

Born and raised in the 'burbs of Atlanta. I love my mom, cheese dip, and Britney Spears - in that order. I enjoy dressing up as fictional characters on the weekend and spreading love throughout the city with hugs. It's a dangerous hobby but if you ain’t lovin', you ain’t livin'. Smiling is my favorite. That's all I have to say about that.

Ben Husack


Account Manager
866.981.2583 ext. 217

Born and raised in Georgia, I went to Appalachian State University and I rep it hard! I am the reigning office Hangman champion. I love game shows and trivia, especially Jeopardy. I also reside over the office "Fact Of The Day". I drive people crazy by singing random songs that come into my head. One day I want to be on Family Feud!

Carey O'Neil


Account Manager

I grew up riding moose and catching lobsters with my bare hands in the wild north lands of Maine, but was drawn to the South because I thought the accents were cute. As the official Best Looking Guy in the Office, I spend most of my time answering fan mail and striking poses.

Brittany Thacher


Account Manager

I grew up in Atlanta but went to school at the University of South Carolina. I am now the resident Gamecock fan for the office and will fiercely defend my team against any of those dog fans. I love to travel and have a growing list of places I need to visit. My favorite foods are pineapple and cookie cake, although not together.

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